Artificial Intelligence Programming language list

1. Prolog:

Designed for symbolic and logical reasoning, it's commonly used in AI for rule-based programming, expert systems, and natural language processing.


Historically significant in AI development, it's known for its flexibility in handling symbolic processing and used in AI research, particularly for its code-as-data paradigm.


A productive tool used for building expert systems, rule-based programming, and knowledge-based systems.


Specifically designed for creating chatbots and conversational agents, it's based on XML and used in creating virtual personalities.


A variant of the logic programming language, used for high-level programming in AI, especially in robot control and automated planning.

6. Lisp

Lisp is a high-level functional programming language suitable for AI development

7. POP-11

A multi-paradigm language used in AI research, particularly for cognitive modeling and natural language processing.

8. Cypher

Primarily designed for querying and manipulating graph databases, often used in AI applications dealing with network structures and analysis.

9. Rust

Although not exclusively an AI language, its performance and safety features make it relevant in AI, especially for low-level implementations and libraries.

10. Haskell

Known for its purity and strong typing, it's used in AI research and functional programming-based AI implementations.

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